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Samuel Farrand |


Vapor // Illustrator & Photoshop

I laid on the grass, staring at the beautiful night sky. The moon shone through the partly cloudy sky, basking me in it's bright light. The cool spring breeze blowing through the field. I watched the clouds slowly twist across the sky as they changed shapes, just like I would do as a child. Reminding me of such simpler times. I looked for all the different patterns and designs, feeling the clouds dance over me. A thick cloud floated over the moon.

The stars jumped out, yelling at me with their rainbow sound. Telling me to open my mind and listen. I complied, willing to see, hear, and feel what the universe had to tell me. The clouds stretching with color, reaching out and caressing my face. It's face appeared and turned towards me. The details twisted and changing, showing me it's true nature. Exhaling, it showered me with it's knowledge.
It is everything, yet nothing. It is the past, present, and future. It is what was, is, and will be. It is what could have been and could still be. It is life, death, and everything in between.

I listened deeply, watching the world twist before me. I saw all I've loved and all I've despised. I saw happiness and sadness, sanity and madness. I saw meaning. It kissed my forehead and turned away as it said goodbye. The stars going back into hiding as the moon came back out to play. I reached out, not wanting it to leave. But it was already gone, the message delivered.

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About the Author

This piece was written by Psychedelic Writer Kyle Allen. He is an aspiring novelist and psychedelic art collector. Kyle loves to use art from Tetramode to help create new realms and situations for characters in his stories to explore and overcome. He lives in Wisconsin with his beautiful wife and family, finding new ways everyday to love life. You can follow him on Twitter at

About the Artist

This blog was conceived by Visionary Artist & Entrepreneur Samuel Farrand. He is the creator of Tetramode and has been a psychedelic digital artist since 1998. He uses Adobe Illistrator & Photoshop to create his work and each piece can take up to 60-80 hrs to make, although some pieces has taken 3-5 years! [...Read More]

Tags: grass, night sky, moon, spring breeze, clouds, patterns, designs, stars, universe, knowledge, past, present, future, life, death, happiness, sadness, meaning

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