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  • Neopaisley


      Neopaisley // Illustrator & Photoshop I took it all in as I walked the trail. The clouds breathed as the sun set, putting on the colorful light show above...

    Samuel Farrand |

  • Vapor


      Vapor // Illustrator & Photoshop I laid on the grass, staring at the beautiful night sky. The moon shone through the partly cloudy sky, basking me in it's bright...

    Samuel Farrand |

  • Lumindala


      Lumindala // Illustrator & Photoshop As I sat in my dimly lit room, I suddenly felt a strange sensation wash over me. A warm, comforting energy seemed to fill...

    Samuel Farrand |

  • 5 Christmas Traditions Revealed

    Ever wonder where we came up with the idea of hanging stockings? Putting ornaments on a tree? Putting presents under a tree? or Where the legend of Santa Claus originated...

    Samuel Farrand |

  • Join the Tribe!

    What is our Tribe About? Our Tribe stands for spreading positivity through creative expression and clothing. We are about accepting whats unique and not being confined by what is considered...

    Cate Farrand Samuel Farrand |

  • 16 Signs you Might be Twin-Flames

    What are Twin-Flames? In some circles they are known-as Soul Mates in other circles "One True Love", or "Better-Halves" The idea goes back as far as Ancient times ie., when...

    Samuel Farrand |