Cernunnos // Illustrator & Photoshop The fire crackled as the moon lit up wilderness. All the while the stars danced across the night sky. The air felt warm on my skin as I listened to the wildlife converse about the day's events. The animals had plenty to say, when suddenly they stopped. The flames from the blaze ceased dancing. Stuck like time had been frozen. My surroundings darkened. A strange ringing pierced the void. It was loud, but energizing. I felt it against my body, holding me in place. The atmosphere chilled, like a cool spring morning. I looked...

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  Neopaisley // Illustrator & Photoshop I took it all in as I walked the trail. The clouds breathed as the sun set, putting on the colorful light show above me. I listened to the birds converse, each one telling their own story. The bugs were doing the same as some lit up the path.   The trees sang their song. The branches swung in the breeze and waved their leaves to the rhythm. They reached out to dance with me. I opened my arms and accepted the invitation. The music got faster. The trees wrapped around me. Their limbs...

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  Vapor // Illustrator & Photoshop I laid on the grass, staring at the beautiful night sky. The moon shone through the partly cloudy sky, basking me in it's bright light. The cool spring breeze blowing through the field. I watched the clouds slowly twist across the sky as they changed shapes, just like I would do as a child. Reminding me of such simpler times. I looked for all the different patterns and designs, feeling the clouds dance over me. A thick cloud floated over the moon.   The stars jumped out, yelling at me with their rainbow sound....

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  Lumindala // Illustrator & Photoshop As I sat in my dimly lit room, I suddenly felt a strange sensation wash over me. A warm, comforting energy seemed to fill the space, and I could sense a presence that I could not quite explain. Before I could make sense of what was happening, a bright, glowing luminous mandala materialized before me. It hovered in the air, pulsating with a vibrant, otherworldly light that seemed to fill the room. The mandala's patterns were intricate and mesmerizing, and each shape seemed to dance and swirl with a life of its own. As...

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5 Christmas Traditions Revealed

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