Tetramode supports the Arts

All of Tetramode's proceeds Support the Artists involved in the creation & design of Tetramode's exclusive psychedelic designs & patterns. Tetramode pays out 100% proceeds to their artists so that they can continue to be driven with passion and creativity. Thank you for your support.

Exceptional Customer Service

Tetramode is the first & only Psychedelic Clothing Brand that Offers a multitude of services & guarantees to their customers. Services offered by Tetramode include World-Wide Shipping & a simple Hassle-Free Return Policy. Our 5+ Year history backed with hundreds of customer reviews verify the validity of Tetramode's dedication towards exceptional Customer Service. 

Timeless Psychedelic Fashion

Our vision has remained unchanged since 2013. Tetramode's mission is to provide our culture with the highest-quality psychedelic fashion inspired by shamanic experiences. The mystical images depicted in our fashion are discovered through our own inner journeys which are rooted within our consciousness. We believe the imagery revealed is meant to be shared with our evolving culture and can serve to unify us as one. Tetramode is the creation of visionary artists Samuel & Cate Farrand.