About Us

Why Choose Tetramode?

Discover the Unique Appeal of Tetramode:

Immerse yourself in a world of authentic artistry, all crafted by the singular talent of Samuel Farrand. Unlike many, Tetramode prides itself on presenting exclusively original artworks and patterns, each born solely from Samuel's creative genius. Strikingly, these captivating designs have been conceived without reliance on AI programs or referenced images, a testament to Samuel's artistic prowess.

Experience Unsurpassed Quality:

At Tetramode, we remain steadfast in our commitment to unparalleled quality. Every design showcased on our platform originates directly from the artist's source files, ensuring impeccable clarity and attention to detail in every piece. Your journey through our art gallery will be one defined by crystal-clear precision.

Eco-Conscious Materials:

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond artistry. We source our materials from post-consumer recycled polyester, fostering sustainability and enabling the repurposing of resources. Tetramode not only adorns your life with beauty but also contributes to a greener planet.

Championing Ocean Conservation:

Beyond aesthetics and sustainability, Tetramode stands as a partner in ocean conservation. Your support directly contributes to this vital cause, amplifying the impact of your choice.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed:

We understand the significance of your investment. Should you find any reason to be less than 100% delighted with your purchase, Tetramode gladly offers a full refund. Your contentment remains our ultimate priority.

Elevate Your World with Tetramode:

As you consider your choices, remember that Tetramode encapsulates the essence of artistic ingenuity, environmental responsibility, and customer devotion. Join us in embracing a realm where individual creativity shines, where each artistic decision reflects a passion cultivated long before AI's rise. Welcome to Tetramode, where compelling artistry and unwavering quality converge to redefine your experience.

Our Vision

Timeless Psychedelic Fashion

Embarking on an Unchanging Vision Since 2013:

Guided by an unwavering vision that has persisted since 2013, Tetramode remains steadfast in its commitment. Our purpose is to enrich our cultural landscape by offering the finest-quality psychedelic fashion, drawing inspiration from profound shamanic encounters. Immerse yourself in fashion that echoes the mysteries of these experiences—each intricate design is a revelation drawn from the depths of our inner explorations.

Journeying Inward to Unveil the Mystical:

Within the tapestry of our designs lie the mystical imprints of our inner voyages, deeply woven into the fabric of our consciousness. We firmly believe that these evocative depictions are meant to transcend individual experiences, uniting us as a collective. In this convergence, Tetramode finds its essence—a creation designed to bridge our evolving culture.

Meet the Visionary Behind Tetramode:

At the helm of Tetramode stands Samuel Farrand, an esteemed luminary within the Visionary Arts community. Samuel's artistic prowess has been celebrated across multiple articles, and he's played a vital role in community projects. Notably, he's championed the fight against ocean pollution, showcasing his dedication to a better world.

Connect with Samuel Farrand:

For a deeper connection, find Samuel on his Facebook Page or his personal Instagram accounts, @samuelfarrand & @tetramode. Reach out and share your thoughts with him; he relishes engaging with his supporters.

Empowering an Independent Artist:

With each purchase, you contribute to the flourishing of an independent artist. Tetramode's creations bear the mark of authenticity, a blend of creativity and consciousness that resonates beyond mere fashion.

Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Consciousness:

Tetramode beckons you to step into a realm where fashion transcends its physical form, becoming a testament to inner revelations and cultural unity. Discover not just fashion, but a tapestry of thought, a brushstroke of connection. Tetramode: Where Timelessness Meets Psychedelia.

How We Operate


At Tetramode, we distinguish ourselves through our unparalleled commitment to individuality and innovation. Setting us apart from the norm, every product in our collection is meticulously crafted upon receiving your order. Rooted in our resolute environmental ethos, we conscientiously create only what is required, effectively minimizing waste while elevating the overall product excellence. This approach ensures meticulous supervision throughout the production process, resulting in products that exceed expectations.


  1. Order Receipt and Processing
  2. Printing of Your Unique Order
  3. Precision Cutting of Your Design
  4. Expert Hand-Sewing
  5. Rigorous Quality Control Assessment
  6. Secure Dispatch for Shipping


Tetramode proudly upholds the standards of US manufacturing, upholding our commitment to ethical and responsible practices. By adhering to these regulations, we not only ensure the quality of our products but also safeguard against potential issues associated with child labor laws.

Join us in experiencing a new dimension of personalization, where sustainability, craftsmanship, and adherence to regulations converge seamlessly. Tetramode: Where Innovation Meets Individuality.

The History of Tetramode

Origins of Tetramode: A Journey with Samuel Farrand

Tetramode, the brainchild of its visionary founder Samuel Farrand, traces its roots back to his earliest days. Even in childhood, Samuel possessed a profound connection to clothing design, a bond that would shape his destiny. A cherished memory stands out—a tender recollection of a 3 or 4-year-old Samuel proudly displaying his new shirt to an elderly lady at a local laundromat.

As Samuel navigated through Junior High and High School, his affinity for clothing remained unwavering, always leaning towards bold and expressive attire. A pivotal moment occurred in 1996 when he found his tribe within the Grateful Dead & Phish community—a discovery that resonated deeply. This marked the beginning of a lifelong quest.

The Dream Unfolds:

Samuel's journey traversed his 20s, filled with a persistent dream—to establish his own store, a haven for unique and expressive clothing, alongside other intriguing curiosities. In 2010, with his close friend Joe Croft, Samuel embarked on a journey of hand-stenciling thrift shop finds, meticulously painting his designs. This laborious process birthed their distinctive vision.

Enter Technological Resonance:

In 2011, the advent of DTG printing provided a breakthrough, allowing Samuel to manifest his ideas in striking digital detail. Spring of 2013 saw Samuel take to Etsy as "The Art of Samuel Farrand," introducing his creations to the world. The subsequent arrival of Sublimation printing in 2014 led to exponential growth, propelling him beyond Etsy with an impressive 10,000 sales in just a few years.

An Evolution of Identity:

2016 marked a pivotal shift as Samuel adopted the moniker "Blissings," utilizing his original domain www.samuelfarrand.com to launch his clothing venture on Shopify. The name evolved further in 2017 when Samuel opted for his own name, Samuel Farrand, to resonate with a wider audience. The journey toward simplicity reached its pinnacle in 2018, birthing the name "Tetramode." This name, evoking timelessness and distinction, encapsulated Samuel's desire to forever link his creations to this unique identity.

A Decade of Creativity and Innovation:

Fast forward to 4/19/2023—an iconic milestone—the 10 Year Anniversary of Tetramode. A decade of relentless creativity, unwavering passion, and the pursuit of visionary design. Tetramode's journey mirrors Samuel's own—a story of growth, transformation, and the quest for an everlasting connection.

Join us in celebrating a decade of artistic brilliance, as Tetramode continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion and self-expression.