8-Bit Trip
Ayahuasca: Psychedelic Art inspired by Visionary Shamans
Biosynthebliss: Psychedelic Art of an Electric Forest
Breakthrough: Psychedelic Art of a DMT Entity
Celestial Bloom: Psychedelic Art inspired by the Sacred
Psychedelic DMT Dragon
A Psychedelic Tree made up of Electricity
Electrifying & Psychedelic: The Entheoelectric Collection
Entheopassage: Psychedelic Art inspired by Magic Mushrooms, Elves & Portals in the Forest
Empyrion: Psychedelic Art inspired by Deep Visionary Realms
DMT Visions come to Life with Glyphiks Visionary Art by the Farrands
Vibrant Prismatic Bliss defines Tetramodes Hexafun Pattern
Hive Mind: Psychedelic Art in Honor of our Precious Endangered Bees
Holobloom: Psychedelic Art inspired by Earth Spirits
Huachamama Collection:: Psychedelic DMT Entity
Platonic Solids meets Psychedelic: The Hypergeometry Collection
Ishtar: Psychedelic Art inspired by the Goddess of Love
Connect with your Earthly desires with this Shamanic Psychedelic Clothing pattern
Kitsune: Psychedelic Art inspired by the fabled Japanese Fox
Launch Pad: Psychedelic Art depicting our Energy Body
Lightspeed Collection:: Travel in Psychedelic Fashion through your Minds Eye
Psychedelic Retro Styled Design by Tetramode Psy Fashion
Love Prevails: Psychedelic Art inspired by Love
Microgram: Psychedelic Fractalized Geometry
Microverse: Psychedelic Art inspired by Molecules
Monkey Brained: Psychedelic Art inspired by Primates
Naga: Psychedelic Art of the Cosmic Serpent
Natural Affinity:: A Trippy Collage of Psychedelic Animal Faces
Psychedelic Mandala of Electricity that depicts Molecular mind states
Subtle Minimal Psychedelic Trippy Pattern
Optech Analysis: Psychedelic Art of an Eyeball
Neo-Grunge Psychedelic Clothing Design Pattern for Visionary Artists
Travel within your Self with Portal
Psychezoa Luminosum: Psychedelic Art inspired by Bioluminescent Jellyfish
Psychodelic: Psychedelic Art inspired by a Powerful Vibrational Entity
A Vivid & Lucid Shamanic Mystical Experience brought to Life
Rainbow Geometric Psychedelic Art of Mexican Imagery ideal for Hippies
Reptilian: Psychedelic Reptile Skin Pattern
Satori: Psychedelic Art inspired by Deep mental transmissions
Visionary Art is Defined with Samuel Farrand's Seat of the Soul
Shaman Song
Sporal: Psychedelic Art inspired by Aliens & Psilocybin Visions
A beautiful Harmonious Grid of Lights for lovers of Sacred Geometry
Psychedelic Visionary Art by Samuel & Cate Farrand
Techno Shamanic
Techno Shamanic RGB
Tetra EQ
Thumbprint: Monochromatic Swirling Psychedelic Art inspired by
Torus Flux: Psychedelic Art depicting the flow of Energy from a Torus
Tree of Life: Psychedelic Art inspired by the fabled: Kalpavriksha
A Psychedelic Mystical Tesselated Pattern for Clothing & Home Decor
Twin Flames: A psychedelic portrait of Twinflames/Soulmates intertwined in Cosmic Love
Xenoesthesia, Illustration of a Psychedelic Alien by Samuel Farrand