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Moksha ◊ Tapestry (4 Options)

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⊷ O V E R V I E W ⊷
◆ Can be used as Wall Decoration, Bed Spreads, Festival Drop Cloths, Camp Decoration, Table Cloths & Picnic Blankets.
◆ Choose between 2 Sizes 60x80"
◆ Each size is available in Regular or Neon/UV inks (Read More Below)
◆ Everlasting Vibrant print
◆ Made in USA
◆ Triple-Stitched for Durability
◆ Material made from recycled plastic bottles
◆ 100% Polyester 60x80"

⊷ Regular vs. Neon/UV ⊷
Night Time Effect: We offer our Tapestries in both Regular and Neon/UV Tapestries. Neon/UV Tapestries are printed with UV-Inks and have incredible pop under a blacklight and electrifys your space. At Psytrance festivals/events these are the neon tapestries that pop off the walls and looks like the colors are hovering in midair. Regular Tapestries are not printed wth UV-Inks but some colors still react under a blacklight and are still very active. Both versions react in RGB light environments

Day Time Effect: In daylight Neon/UV Tapestry colors appear to be a a little muffled compared to our Regular tapestries that are true to color and vibrant. 

⊷ D E S C R I P T I O N ⊷

A lightweight fade-resistant polyester UV-Reactive/RGB Psychedelic Tapestry that can be used as a Wall hanging, floor covering or table cloth if so desired. Perfect for home decor, parties and festivals. Made Lightweight for easy travel. Made in the USA.

⊷ D E S I G N E R ⊷
Samuel Farrand&

⊷ C O N N E C T ⊷
IG: @tetramode
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IG: @Sam.farrand
FB: @tetramode

⊶P O L I C Y⊷
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