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Samuel Farrand |


Cernunnos // Illustrator & Photoshop

The fire crackled as the moon lit up wilderness. All the while the stars danced across the night sky. The air felt warm on my skin as I listened to the wildlife converse about the day's events. The animals had plenty to say, when suddenly they stopped. The flames from the blaze ceased dancing. Stuck like time had been frozen. My surroundings darkened.

A strange ringing pierced the void. It was loud, but energizing. I felt it against my body, holding me in place. The atmosphere chilled, like a cool spring morning. I looked around, hoping to find the source of the sound. All I could see were the creatures, completely surrounding me.


They appeared to be singing. Spewing words in a language I could not understand. The goblins danced, spinning in circles and waving their arms. They seemed to get closer, but their bodies moved further away. Spiraling around me, I could see the sound coming from their mouths. I watched the waves as they struck my body, shattering into little stars.

The song grew louder. The bodies of the creatures melted away as they danced faster, starting to move up and down with the tune. Their faces grew larger, showing their smiles as they sang. Their expressions melted into one another with each step.

I looked on as the grins continued to merge, getting brighter as they did. It seemed as if they were spinning faster, yet not at all. Glowing strings appeared out of the top of their heads. I followed the threads, and could not believe what I saw.

The ropes led into giant hands, controlling the spinning faces like marionettes. The hands led into the bodies of snakes, slithering to the song as well. I followed the dancing reptiles to their base. The colorful scales stretched out of the giant head. The puppeteer laughed as it stared at me, striking both exhaustion and energy. Inspiring both fear and hope.

I looked deeper, hoping to see more. The giant reached deep inside of my mind. It pulled at my doubts, it shifted my inspirations. I could feel it blessing me as it worked. The intentions werepure. Happiness and joy were its goals.

There was a loud pop as it moved the last piece into place. The song quieted as it backed out of my space, no longer holding me still. I thanked it as it left, watching it fade with the tune. Closing my eyes, I processed what had just happened. Grateful for the changes that had been made, I was ready for whatever the universe had in store.

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About the Author

This piece was written by Psychedelic Writer Kyle Allen. He is an aspiring novelist and psychedelic art collector. Kyle loves to use art from Tetramode to help create new realms and situations for characters in his stories to explore and overcome. He lives in Wisconsin with his beautiful wife and family, finding new ways everyday to love life. You can follow him on Twitter at

About the Artist

This blog was conceived by Visionary Artist & Entrepreneur Samuel Farrand. He is the creator of Tetramode and has been a psychedelic digital artist since 1998. He uses Adobe Illistrator & Photoshop to create his work and each piece can take up to 60-80 hrs to make, although some pieces has taken 3-5 years! [...Read More]

trail, clouds, sun set, colorful light show, birds, converse, bugs, path, trees, song, branches, breeze, leaves, rhythm, dance, music, twirled, clouds flashed, glowing sun, insects, landing, animals, beat, branches embrace, swayed, sun hiding, stars, strobes, tune climaxed, peace, love, life, trees let go, birds and bugs, conversations, smile

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