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Hi, I’m Samuel Farrand! Tetramode is the official name of my clothing brand, and it's the only place where you can buy my official clothing line. All of my trippy psychedelic visionary art is available exclusively on this site. I can't wait for you to explore and enjoy my creations!

You can shop confidently at Tetramode, knowing that everything we sell is 100% authentic and original. Rest assured, nothing here is stolen or a knock-off reproduction because it's all made by me! We don't use third parties or middlemen, so you can be sure you are 100% supporting an independent artist when you make a purchase at Tetramode.

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    If you're the type who likes it classy & reserved and want to be expressive but be subtle with your expression then this section is made just for you!

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    If your the type who wants to envelop yourself in outfits rich with patterns & vivid colors, and want to meet new people with the clothes you wear the designs in this collection are crafted to enhance any combination of tops, bottoms, and accessories, making you a walking spectacle guaranteed to draw attention.

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    If you're just looking to freshen up your wardrobe with a few new shirts, or want to wear a solid color top with funky pants as the bottoms then this is the section for you! Explore over 34 different products and a multitude of designs!

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All of the designs on Tetramode are inspired by true visionary experiences, bringing back these mindstates for all to see is important, as it truly puts into perspective the complexity of the human brain and consciousness. This undying pursuit to revive these visions began in 1998. Come join us in this journey!

8 Million Metric Tons of Unrecycled Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans.

Wear the Ocean’s Transformation: From ocean plastic to fashion statement. Join us in turning the tide against waste, one outfit at a time. Dive into style with purpose.