Ingenious Design

UV/RGB Reactive & Crystal Clear Printing

Transform in the Luminessence: Tetramode’s UV/RGB Wear—vivid colors shift with the light. Combined with Crystal Clear Printing, each nuance radiates with unmatched clarity. Wear not just fashion, but a piece of sacred art that echoes your unique spirit. Embrace ingenuity with every thread.

Unmatched Durability

Fade-Resistant & Never Shrinks

Discover Enduring Elegance: With Tetramode, experience the blend of fade-resistant vibrancy and shrink-proof durability. Our clothing maintains its impeccable fit and color, wash after wash, embodying both lasting quality and unparalleled design for every adventure.

Sustainability and Ethics

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing & Artisan Crafted

Embrace Conscious Craftsmanship: Tetramode's journey blends eco-conscious manufacturing with artisanal excellence. Dive into a world where sustainability meets skilled artistry, reflecting our deep commitment to the planet and authentic craftsmanship.

Customer Trust

10 Years of Trusted Service & Responsive Customer Service

Decade of Dedication: Trust in Tetramode's decade of delivering excellence and responsive customer care. Our heritage is built on a foundation of satisfied customers and a strong festival community bond, backed by glowing testimonials and unwavering support.

Exclusive Artistry

Ethical Artistry by Samuel Farrand

Originality in Every Thread: Experience the unique vision of Samuel Farrand with Tetramode. Each piece is a testament to ethical artistry and exclusivity, inviting you into a world where design not only stands out but tells a story.

Explore the Visions & Voices From Our Fans

Euphoric Experiences, Enhanced

Have gotten TONS of compliments on this shirt since I received it.
Design is absolutely stunning and somehow looks even better in real life vs what's shown in the pictures. Fit (medium) is a true medium and
feels great. Fabric is ultra comfortable. Delivery took a while but was absolutely worth the wait. 10/10 and would buy again. Highly recommend 👌



I love this shirt! It’s super comfortable and looks as amazing as the two other shirts I bought. Vibrant colors and gorgeous design! I will definitely be buying again



Be prepared to receive many compliments while enveloped in comfort.



Really good quality and of course the art is impressive! I think this will be my go to store for clothing for a while now!


United Kingdom

A must have piece if you’re planning a trip into the fifth dimension. A+ I love it!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Want To Know


How Do I Find My Size

Discover the perfect fit with our size charts, conveniently located on the product page just below the product title. Alternatively, you can find them here.

What If I Ordered the Wrong Size?

If you've ordered the wrong size, no need to worry! You can easily exchange it for the correct size by visiting our returns center at the following link:


How Long Do Orders Take?

We love keeping our customers informed about estimated delivery times. For Domestic Orders, we recommend allowing approximately 2 weeks, while for International Orders, please anticipate around 3 weeks. Please keep in mind that these timeframes are approximate and may vary depending on the current order volume. It's noteworthy that receiving your order in less than a week is not uncommon.

During peak buying seasons—Memorial Day to Labor Day and Mid-November to January 7th—these wait times may be extended. We kindly ask you to consider this when placing your order. Rest assured, we will notify you via email once your order is ready to ship.

Do You Offer Expedited Shipping

Regrettably, due to our made-on-demand process, we are unable to offer expedited shipping. If you are ordering for a specific event, we kindly ask that you plan accordingly.

What Countries Do You Ship to?

If you have a local post office, it means we can ship to you!

Returns & Refunds

What is your Return Policy?

Enjoy a 31-day window for exchanges and a 7-day period for refunds. For more detailed information, please visit:

Manufacturing & Materials

How Are Your Clothes Made?

All textile items are produced on demand. Once you place your order, we input the details into our database. The item is then printed and cut, prepared for our skilled sewers in California to stitch it together. All sewing operations occur in California. The order proceeds to our Quality Control department for a pre-shipment inspection. After successfully passing the QC process, it transfers to our shipping department for final preparations and dispatch toward its ultimate delivery.

Once the package is handed over to the carrier, you can expect a delivery period of up to 5 business days for domestic orders.

Where Are Your Clothes Made?

All of our apparel is crafted in Los Angeles, California, showcasing our commitment to quality and local production. Additionally, our polyester textile blends are exclusively produced from recycled plastic bottles, emphasizing our dedication to sustainability.

What Are the Care Instructions for My Clothes?

For optimal care, we recommend washing your apparel in cold water, inside out. It is advisable to tumble dry on low heat or air dry. Avoid using hot water or an iron, as they may cause permanent damage to the fabric. Certain textiles, such as finely woven ones like wool, may develop fabric pills. To maintain a fresh appearance, we suggest using a depiller once a month. Over time, the occurrence of fabric pills will diminish, and depilling will no longer be necessary.

Tracking & Delivery

How Do I Track My Order?

We provide tracking information on a daily basis, so there's no need to reach out to request it. Upon receiving the tracking information, you can monitor the status by visiting our Automated Tracking Page, accessible here:

General Inquiries

What If I Want to Speak to Someone?

We are your guides. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We commit to responding within 48 hours. Please keep in mind that inquiries sent on Fridays will receive a reply the following Monday, but possibly sooner as we don't want you feeling alone.