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Psynet ◊ Blanket (Sherpa)

$102 $135
Sherpa Style


⊷ O V E R V I E W ⊷
◆ Sherpa-Lined for Extra Warmth
◆ Soft & Cozy
◆ UV/RGB Reactive
◆ Vibrant Fade-Proof Design
◆ Made in USA
◆ Material made from recycled materials
◆ 57x77"
◆ Patented Polyester Blend
◆ Multi-Purpose Use
◆ Machine Washable

⊷ D E S C R I P T I O N ⊷
Retreat to your favorite space with our new Sherpa-Lined Retreat Blankets. A predecessor to our Best-Selling Symbio Blanket, the Retreat Blanket is constructed and made specifically for those who dwell in the colder climates. Our Sheep-Free Synthetic Blend will keep you as warm as a Nepalese mountain guide. For those who just want to stay warm on cold festival nights, the Retreat Blanket has some embedded magic which makes it react under UV/RGB environments.

⊷ D E S I G N E R ⊷
Samuel Farrand

⊷ C O N N E C T ⊷
IG: @tetramode
IG: @samuelfarrand
FB: @tetramode
FB: @samuelfarrand

⊶ P O L I C Y ⊷
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