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Important News & Updates

Hello everyone,

I want to apologize for my apparent absence over the past year. There's been a significant transformation in my life, causing a complete turnaround. My partner Cate and I, as some of you may know, separated over a year ago. This separation resulted in the loss of everything I had built during the marriage – my house, pets, and more.

For about a year, I stayed with my brother in Virginia. During that time, I found romance and love with a long-time friend, which led to me regaining everything I had lost and more from a year ago. You might wonder why I'm sharing all this. If you've been curious about my activities during the past year, I'm about to fill you in.

Throughout most of the year, I remained silent while delving into Tetramode's inner workings. I focused on addressing all the issues that were hindering its sustainability. The previous Tetramode model was inefficient and not designed for long-term growth. This encompassed various aspects, from financial sectors to user experience on the website. It was clear that comprehensive changes were necessary.

Over the past year, I've completely redefined and streamlined a new model for Tetramode. Some of the new integrations I implemented this year include:

1) Introduction of a brand-new Customer Service Portal
2) Rewriting policies to eliminate ambiguity and provide clear guidelines
3) Redesigning the site navigation for improved user experience
4) Conducting a thorough overhaul of the financial sector to ensure accurate bookkeeping for scalable growth
5) Introducing a Wholesale Program (contact me at if interested)
6) Enhancing visual coherence in the Apparel Collections
7) Revamping marketing strategies to expand Tetramode's reach to like-minded individuals
8) Creating a comprehensive Social Media branding approach

Now, onto the part that fills me with excitement! Tetramode's inception revolved around art, and it will always center on art and the messages it conveys. It has been my dream to develop a database encompassing the technical details of every artwork I've ever created. This would allow users to explore the depths of each piece, backed by four available previews. Today, I'm thrilled to announce that this new model is in progress. You can now experience the full Tetramode journey that I've always aspired to offer. This new model is evident in these four new collections: