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Explore the links below to Learn what Tetramode - Modern Psychedelic Fashion has been published in:

Cate Farrand:

Cates Psychedelic Artwork being featured on Psychedeliabook:

Cate's Psychedelic Art being featured on psytrance producer Co-creators latest album:

Cate's Psychedelic Art on the cover of author Alex Myles: An Empath: [Visit]

Samuel Farrand:

Inside Sam's Psychedelic Mind: Cosmic Art: An Interview with Samuel Farrand

Samuel's Psychedelic Art On the cover of Chris Kilham's Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook

Samuel's Psychedelic Artwork on  the cover of Psychedelic Music Producer Ecometric - Archetypal Architecture | Merkaba Music, Kalya Scintilla

Sam's Psychedelic Art being Featured:

Sam's Psychedelic Art being Featured: Sam Farrand ~ December

Sam's Psychedelic Art being Featured: Featured Artist – November – Samuel Farrand -of-the-month-novemeber