Inspire & Be Inspired

January 14th thru March 1st 2019 Tetramode will be hosting a 6 Week Art Share Program, where all Artists that participate have the chance to be seen by over 500,000 like-minded individuals & Win a Cash Prize

How it Works

Over the next 6 Weeks Tetramode will be randomly selecting participants and sharing other Artists work across Tetramodes Social Network consisting of 500,000 people. Each participant selected will be eligible to win the Grand Prize which will be a cash donation to the winning artist. Cash Donation is based upon 2% of Sales & 85% generated thru Donations to the Gathering of the Minds collected over the course of the event.

To Participate:

1. Upload your best work, along with your contact info and links to any social media accounts. Please include the Title of the Art piece. Non-Visual artist please upload a link to your page and/or bio.

2. Briefly tell us what Inspires you to create

Contest Submission Form:

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To Be Properly Credited on Social Media please provide the Following
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Tell us what Inspires you to Create:

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