Expect all Orders to have Delays

Why is there a Delay?

Due to the recent announcement by the CDC to wear face masks or any protective covering, all manufacturers of face mask companies are experiencing extremely high volumes and delays, this is not isolated to just Tetramode customers.

No company is prepared for these types of high demands. A demand of this magnitude requires a surplus of materials, resources & labor. There are only so many hours in the day. In addition to the safety precautions we are taking and adhering to the social distancing measure there are only so many employees that can work at a time. We are facing every challenge that comes our way carefully to ensure our workflow and quality remains consistent so that our production line is not bogged down, when that happens then there are no products.

We are asking all our customers to please be patient & understanding of the high demand of these products. Anyone who has purchased from us in the past can attest we are an honest & trustworthy company please read our reviews for peace of mind if you are having doubts. While we are working tirelessly around the clock, this surge of demand has almost brought us to the tipping point. On a personal note we own the company and not all our family members who we love dearly have their face masks, we are waiting just like all of you, you are not alone in this.

Should I Cancel?

We do not recommend you cancelling and here is why, right now a lot of face mask companies are experiencing high volumes this is not just isolated to just Tetramode. Cancelling your order would just put you at the end of the line of another company, that most likely has a greater number of orders than us. With all things considered if you have already placed an order and waited at least a week you have a greater chance of receiving your order sooner by not cancelling then going with a company that is experiencing similar conditions. If you want to take your chances and cancel we completely understand

When can I expect the Masks to Arrive?

Please expect to wait up to 20 Business Days or more*. We are working 7 days a week tirelessly striving to get back to our normal production time. We know these are all very important to everyone.

*There was a 965% increase in volume between April 2nd thru April 8th in our store, this excludes other clients which most likely saw a similar surge in sales. This surge of high demand has put manufacturing at a massive delay and is the catalyst for the delay.


How Do I check my Order Status

If you log in to your account, you can check your order status at any time. Here is the link to do that: https://www.tetramode.com/account/login

If you do not have an account, email us your order# along with the email address you want the account associated with and we will send you an account invite.

Please contact us with any further questions or cancellation requests.

My Mask Feels Loose

Once you receive your mask if you are in the rare category of the mask fitting loosely rather than buying a new one, a quick remedy you can do is to use a hair elastic or hair clip to tie it tighter in the back. This should make the mask tighter all in the meanwhile keeping the mask wearing experience comfortable.