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These leggings are absolutely stunning. They are handmade with unparalleled detail and quality. They draw compliments everywhere you go. Superbly comfortable and a truly remarkable piece of apparel

I love it!!!!

This t-shirt so beautiful and I have it on right now and I love the design. Thank you.

Love the design

This t-shirt was xmas gift for my ex and he truly loved it. Thank you.

Beautiful zip-up

Love the design, brings about a certain confidence in any environment despite the non-mainstream design. Fairly thin though, don't expect it to keep you warm.

It's good.

I'm a huge fan of the art, I own multiple of the bandanas and shirts. Although the hoodie was kind of a let down. Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing, but for the price I was hoping for a little better quality. It's just a very basic hoodie with awesome art.


It makes my phone background look like something from the future

So vibrant

Looks incredible under my LED lights especially when they color change and is even so gorgeous in natural light. Such a beautiful addition to my home

Amazing vision artist

I love the creations from tetramode . Great vision and I am deeply connected with the art. Thank you and much love 💜

Great joggers

They fit wonderfully and are super comfy.

Amazing artwork!

So glad I purchased these to give out at Christmas. Telling the true stories of a magical time of year with beautiful illustration!

Quality elite comfort.

Having had these shorts and other full print Tetramode shirts for nearly a year I can say; satisfied with the quality and all other claims. Worth the wait, I do avoid drying in the machine and hang dry these every time. Colors vibrant as ever. Writing this review before buying more new designs. Obviously the placement of the pattern will vary. Size 36 shown.

Beautiful Colors and Design!

The jackets design is impeccable! I personally love sacreg geometry and aspects of nature so this one hit right at home! Thank Tetramod for creating such a magical piece of clothing!

Good desing

The desing of the clothing is equal , the same you see in the pictures . The only bad point is the quality of the clothes i mean , the quality of the material ( it´s very thin).

Dust Mask

The mask is small.. This should be more bigger in the adult size. Is not easy to breath.

Neo Scarf

This scarf is amazing, the material is high quality. i liked it .

Amazing Towel

I liked very much the desing of the towel, All the desing from Aztec are amazing, if you have more desing like that i buy another one.

Just one point. Have a better material for the towel., something thicker

Awesome Wallpaper!

I love this design! Amazing work!!


I love this so much! The design and colors are so vibrant and mesmerizing! I'll be back for more!


It is fun and uplifting to be able to have tetramode visible as wallpaper all day!

So comfortable!

This is by far the best purchase I've ever made, especially in regards to blankets. I love this blanket! It's so comfortable and warm! The colors are amazing, super high quality product. My fiance and cat both compete with me for laying on this lol. I'll be back!

Big and beautiful

When it arrived I put it on but it kept falling off my nose, I was a little frustrated with the size. However, I told the top in before putting it over my big nose and now I can wear this beauty with ease. Love it.


Super comfy, looks amazing!!

Chefs Kiss

Oh my goodness y’all. This hoodie is SO MUCH COOLER LOOKING IN PERSON and the picture looks pretty rad. The material is thick, but not stuffy and the inside is really soft and velvety.
One thing I will say is the color is a bit darker than pictured. I’m a big fan of it, but I know some of y’all wouldn’t be so there’s the tea, no shade.
I will absolutely be coming back to this store for more items in the near future!

Love everything about this shirt.