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Welcome to Tetramode 2.0

Exciting news, everyone! ⚡ February marks the launch of our brand-new website, and with it comes an incredible transformation. Dive into our site and you'll be amazed by the prices – they're unbelievably good!

We're evolving beyond the "Samuel Farrand fan store" and embracing a grander vision. As we step into offering larger volumes, we're thrilled to announce a significant reduction in all our prices. Why, you ask? Our mission is clear: Psychedelic/Spiritual art should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background. Lately, we've observed a concerning trend where visionary art is seen as exclusive, reserved for the elite. That's not what this art stands for, and we're here to change that!

In these challenging times, with turmoil and inflation impacting lives, the world needs affordable, human-inspired positivity more than ever. Guess what? We're ready to be the beacon of that change in 2024!

And here's the best part: We're not compromising on quality. We'll continue to offer the same high standards and quality that Tetramode is renowned for. So, get ready to experience our new pricing model, effective today! Let's make art accessible and spread positivity together! 🌀✨

Bandanas: was $20, now $12, Savings: $8
Blanket (Plush): was $70, now $56, Savings: $14
Blanket (Sherpa): was $110, now $90, Savings: $20
Bucket Hats: was $55, now $46, Savings: $9
Cape (Plush): was $80, now $64, Savings: $16
Cape (Sherpa): was $125, now $96, Savings: $29
Dress (Mini): was $70, now $56, Savings: $14
Dress (Skater): was $75, now $62, Savings: $13
Face Mask: was $15, now $12, Savings: $3
Hoodies (Zip-Up): was $85, now $62, Savings: $23
Hoodies (Pull-Over): was $90, now $58, Savings: $32
Hoodies (Women): was $95, now $80, Savings: $15
Joggers: was $80, now $64, Savings: $16
Joggers (Lightweight): was $70, now $56, Savings: $14
Leggings: was $60, now $38, Savings: $22
Leggings (Cropped): was $60, now $50, Savings: $10
Neck-Gaiter: was $30, now $22, Savings: $8
Onesies: was $160, now $130, Savings: $30
Pants (Yoga): was $65, now $46, Savings: $19
Shorts: was $45, now $12, Savings: $33
Shorts (Yoga): was $45, now $38, Savings: $7
Skirt: was $65, now $52, Savings: $13
Sweater: was $65, now $50, Savings: $15
Tank Top: was $40, now $38, Savings: $2
Tank Top (Racerback): was $40, now $38, Savings: $2
Tapestries (50x60): was $70, now $32, Savings: $38
Tapestries (60x80): was $90, now $38, Savings: $52
Towels: was $45, now $38, Savings: $7
Tshirts: was $40, now $38, Savings: $2
Tshirts (Cropped): was $45, now $34, Savings: $11
Yoga Mat: was $120, now $96, Savings: $24



Our Vision

Guided by an unwavering vision that has persisted since 2013, Tetramode remains steadfast in its commitment. Our purpose is to enrich our cultural landscape by offering the finest-quality psychedelic fashion, drawing inspiration from profound shamanic encounters. Immerse yourself in fashion that echoes the mysteries of these experiences—each intricate design is a revelation drawn from the depths of our inner explorations.

Within the tapestry of our designs lie the mystical imprints of our inner voyages, deeply woven into the fabric of our consciousness. We firmly believe that these evocative depictions are meant to transcend individual experiences, uniting us as a collective. In this convergence, Tetramode finds its essence—a creation designed to bridge our evolving culture.