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5 Christmas Traditions Revealed

Ever wonder where we came up with the idea of hanging stockings? Putting ornaments on a tree? Putting presents under a tree? or Where the legend of Santa Claus originated from? We owe these traditions to believe it or not... the northern shamans.   Many Christmas traditions were abstracted from practices of siberian tribes and northern swedens indigenous reindeer herders the Saami (Suomi/Sami) Together the two helped shape the magical holiday of Christmas. Here are the origins of 5 traditions revealed.   “The image of a plump man wearing a red & white cap & suit is a representation to...

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Join the Tribe!

What is our Tribe About? Our Tribe stands for spreading positivity through creative expression and clothing. We are about accepting whats unique and not being confined by what is considered the norm. Tetramode has no single definition, it is many. We all have walks of life that are different and we respect that, one thing we can all agree upon is what brings us together is Art & our belief in respecting our Community.   Win a $50 Gift Card By joining you will receive your First Offer & Free Gift.   Environmental Awareness Email Newsletters that educate what we...

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16 Signs you Might be Twin-Flames

What are Twin-Flames? In some circles they are known-as Soul Mates in other circles "One True Love", or "Better-Halves" The idea goes back as far as Ancient times ie., when Zeus struck the soul into two opposite halves, only for each to wander the earth in search of the other.   How can you tell if you are in a Twin-Flame relationship? We've asked other couples who claim they are Twin Flames and these are the re-occurring patterns found throughout their relationshisp. These 16 signs indicate you might be in a Twin-Flame relationship :   “And when one of these...

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